Page 5 - Meet AC 2016 Annual Report
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present! To break it down further, for every one dollar of luxury tax revenue Meet AC received in 2016, we returned $35.14 back to the local economy. So for every one million dollars of luxury tax invested, Meet AC is returning $35,140,000 back to our local economy.
I am pleased to report that over these past three years Meet AC has seen continued growth year after year. The 2013 Crossroads Consulting Services report from May 2013 forecasted room night
bookings to range from 225,000-250,000 by year three.
Meet AC exceeded those numbers in just 18 months and has continued to exceed those projections. We are coming off a very productive year and believe that the culmination of our efforts since the formation of Meet AC back in June 2014 will continue to produce significant results in the year ahead.

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