Page 13 - 2018 Meet AC Marketing and Sales Plan
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#2. Provide planners with professional, experienced on-site registration staffing support including computer operators, room monitors, show office support, and market researchers. In addition, provide specialized, highly trained tradeshow booth sales staff.
• Recruit and train quali ed persons to provide e ective show support.
• Formulate relationships with Stockton University and Atlantic Cape Community College to broaden the scope of quali ed persons.
• Convention Services Manager to
work directly with show manager and registration company representatives to design a viable show support schedule.
• Convention Services Manager to provide on-site support to show management during show.
• Build a volunteer database of quali ed personnel to assist with various Atlantic City Sports Commission events.
#3. Effectively implement client events, familiarization trips, sponsorships and special events for Meet AC.
• Meet with executive and sales sta 
to brainstorm concerning events speci c to their de ned goals. Proceed to design said events, with an emphasis
on the vision, incorporating the
Atlantic City message.
• Implement Meet AC’s Travel Calendar and tradeshow activities to enable brand consistency, productive marketing of Atlantic City for the convention and meetings industry.
#4. Identify Convention Services industry-related organizations, attend yearly and monthly meetings and become involved on committees, thus broadening Atlantic City’s exposure and fostering industry- wide relationships and promoting professional growth.
• Participate in meetings for ESPA, ISES, NJ Sta ng Association, PCMA, and the Atlantic City Concierge Association.
#5. Continued industry-specific training for Convention Services Managers.
• Completion of CMP Certi cation by all Convention Services Managers by end of 2019.
• Begin lead generation tracking for all Convention Services Managers.
#6. Continue to provide the highly successful Restaurant Reservation Program to shows and meetings in the Atlantic City Convention Center.
• Through the continuation and promotion of the Show Me Your Badge Program, we can drive additional customers to Atlantic City restaurants and attractions.
• Connect with our friendly and welcoming Atlantic City professionals for recommendations and reservations at any of the various locations
Atlantic City o ers.

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