Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Atlantic City

Everyone Is Welcome

Atlantic City is a place for all to gather and learn. This seaside destination has an extraordinary variety of ethnicities and cultures. The U.S. Census reported that 36.2% of the city residents are black, 32% are white, 29.3% are Hispanic or Latino, and 18.2% are Asian. There is very rich racial diversity which is reflected in its restaurants, businesses, and culture. The city welcomes all demographics with a variety of food and entertainment choices.

Meet AC strongly believes in the value of diversity in the workforce. We strive to encourage diversity within our Company. We seek to be inclusive – valuing and respecting individual differences and perspectives; fostering teamwork among our heterogeneous community, and maximizing the skills and talents of all employees. We are committed to providing an environment of fairness and equitable treatment of all persons. Meet AC has developed a strategic partnership with Stockton University and will co-host the Stockton Women's Leadership Council event on October 22nd to feature Women Leaders of AC from hospitality, health care, and education. By helping to showcase the destination through a DEI lens, we are changing perceptions as a thought-leader in this space. As an added benefit of the partnership, Stockton has made its faculty available to conventions and groups to utilize for continuing education and potentially certificate programs related to DEI, Sustainability, and emerging industries. This initiative has already changed the way we sell by offering our customers additional value and a solutions-based approach when booking their next meeting through Meet AC.


In Atlantic City, the selection of venues, knowledge, and professional staff will ensure that your event or meeting is nothing less than spectacular. From planning and producing, to executing your meeting, convention, or more, our team will help you deliver an unparalleled experience. We’re eager to welcome you and #youAREINCLUDED to come celebrate, meet, and play in Atlantic City. 


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